Monday, 17 October 2016


Do you like a bit of Tom Hanks?

Do you like to reminisce about travels to Venice or Florence or Istanbul?

Would you very much love to go to these places for the first time or again?

Well 'Inferno' might just be the movie for you.

From all accounts, and by that I mean a bloke that Stevie plays golf with, who read a review somewhere, the movie is shit and you should not waste your money on it, but as is often the case, I disagree.

We recorded the first 2 Prof Langdon stories on the tellie recently cos we knew this movie was a coming and so we were sort of ready for the puzzles and the twists. Some of the dialogue is a bit oopsie, but not too much, and certainly you get the drift very quickly of what the hell - Dante reference just to be a smart arse, is going on, in fact I reckon it might be easier to get into this story than the others.

I did quite a bit of hiding behind my hands, even though there was a voice in my head saying that things were more than likely gonna work out ok. After all OK is a relative term.

Anyway I was pleased to have stumped up the cash to see it. It's been a pretty big day as I get sorted for going away so I did rather think that I might have had a little zzzzz off if things went pair shaped, but I didn't nod off even for a second, and god knows I have slept through plenty of movies and the odd play too, so it can't have been too bad.

If like us you have caught up on the old movies then expect to see Tom Hanks looking more grandpa than professor, cos he has aged a bit, but his acting is a good as ever. Laconic I reckon is a good description.

Pop along if you like, but if you come down on the side of the critic who panned it, please don't ask me for a refund. It's all fair in love and war remember.

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