Friday, 27 September 2013

The Fasting Diet is not very FAST

Ho bloody hum!!


3 weeks ago I thought I would give this a try. Fast for 2 days a week and then eat as usual for the rest of the time.


Now I am a bit of a lazy cow and didn't want to count calories and anyway I could not work out how to download an app that would do it for me - what a dinosaur I am. I thought about the logic of this 2 day fasting and decided that it would not be too much trouble so picked 2 days that were not going to interfere with too much and started.


I must admit that swapping a skinny chino for a double expresso and a touch of skim milk is not all that pleasant, and that by 6.30 pm I am getting snappy about chowing into my 500 calorie dinner, but actually it is not a bad diet.


Except that I have not lost a gram, not an ounce!! and by any logic that is just NUTS! It means that had I eaten normally for the last 3 weeks weeks I would have put on even more weight!!


I am not crazy obsessed with the idea of losing some weight, but as I have put in the effort for 3 weeks I thought I might have been rewarded with a little tilt backwards on the scale. So again ho hum.


Anyone who has ever been on a diet knows the routine. Hop up and wee like a horse and wearing as little as possible step lightly onto the scales. When the reading is not what you are hoping for, hop off and try again because of course there must be something wrong with the scales. Ho hum.


I will keep up with this silliness for a couple more weeks and then no doubt it will go the way of countless others over the years. Ho bloody hum.

 ( please not even the paragraphs are skinnier.... SHIT!!)

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