Tuesday, 2 January 2018


Happy NEW Year. The abbreviation HNY is a bit shit I reckon. When I see it I think someone is calling me honey and then I have to wonder what I have done to deserve something sentimental and mushy like that, and if I am going for full disclosure, it took me a while to work it out so maybe I just am not a fan cos it made me feel pretty stupid.

I am breathing a sigh of relief that all the formal festivities are done and dusted, and now we can see about finding a groove in the big city.

Except of course Telstra has still not come to the party with any of the 2018 basics, so in that regard we are badly missing the Optus run Big House. I am doubtful that anything will ever get sorted especially as we don't plan to be here for long. I am only hoping that when we find THE ONE, the house of our dreams, it will come with phone and internet lines already up and running. Everything I have is crossed on this. It might even be a deal breaker, cos if I have to speak to one more overseas call centre person I might have to run around the streets - well ok, wobble around the streets starkers trying to drum up attention and protest. The guy in Sydney who staged a sit-in in the telstra shop made some head way, so nothing is out of the question.

The kids are popping in this arvo for a swim and some dinner, and this is the best part of being here. I didn't mind the drive up and back every week before, but it just somehow sort of brought pressure to the visit, cos it required such and effort, but this little pop in is easy and not fraught with expectation. Yippee.

The grass is refusing to grow in spite or all the rain - well not much really, more noise than water, and plenty of attention from me. But we got some stuff to try to kill the nut-grass around the pool so fingers crossed there. We didn't get the NUT BUSTER, stuff my girl who knows all stuff about the green stuff said to get. It was just too bloody expensive to spray onto someone else's nuts. Nah we got some ordinary killer stuff, and now we will have to wait and see.

Stevie has got a plan going for his golf, and Dog is settling in well. That must mean we are getting sorted I reckon.

And we have not missed the fucking TMR noise at all, even though mates in the area have said that it has been terrible, except for the respite over the holidays, so I suppose they must be lamenting the end of the festive time, as it means the bastards will be back.

Yeh it's beginning to feel a bit more like coming home.

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